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2015-10-09 09:20:14
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Shinichi Mochizuki, a mathematic at Kyoto University announced he will make public the ABC Conjecture demostration after stating he resolved it four years ago. It's one of the biggest mathematic misteries which the scientific comunity has been trying to solve for about 30 years. The demostration is based on a 500 pages document and the number of persons who can understand and verify it are countable with the fingers in our hand, an expert takes 500 hours to understand it. Nowadays, only 4 mathematics state having readed the demostration and understanding it. Since now, the scientific comunity has not been able to know his work because Mochizuki only speaks japanese and he doesn't want to leave his city, he doesn't accept interviews and doesn't answer to emails. But now, he will not only reveal the mistery, he will answer to questions trough a skype videoconference which will take place this december at oxford organized by Clay mathematics institute.

Source: RT in spanish

This remembers me to ABC@home (Rest In Peace)
What do you think about this?

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