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2015-10-31 00:50:36

One of the most important scientific mediums of our time is without question, physics. With labs like Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory in the United States and CERN in Switzerland we’ve been able to understand more of our universe and physics than ever before. Now China is planning on building a new particle physics facility that is twice the size of the largest current facility, CERN. China’s motivation in building this facility is to study the Higgs boson particle which was discovered at CERN and is referred to as the “god-particle.”

China plans on breaking ground on the facility in 2020 with no projected completion date mentioned. There is also no mention as to whether or not the facility will welcome physicists and scientists from all nations or if it will strictly be a Chinese-run experiment. Generally, governments have been pretty cooperative when it comes to sharing physics facilities and we can only hope, if China does build the facility, that China will allow other governments to conduct experiments within its facility.

China Building Megacollider Twice As Big As CERN
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