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scott safford*
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2011-12-23 22:34:40
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Twas the night before the challenge and all thru the house
not a hardrive was spinning not even a mouse.
the cables were hung around the computer with care
in hopes a hardware fairy would soon be there.

The cpu's were resting all snug in their beds
vision's of work unit's danced in their heads.
mama in the kitchen me in my cap
had just shut them down for a very short nap.

When on the internet rose such a clatter
i sprang to my browser to see whats the chatter .
as the harddrives started spinning with data
I said to myself i must see what's the matter

Away to the forums i flew like a flash
Opened internet explorer and sat there and gasped !
the pcie slots were empty and dead
with hopes of a new gpu danced in their heads

When out of the bandwidth did but appear
a tiny hardware fairy bringing joy and cheer
with a push of his finger and a click of his mouse
there was a new pc in every house.

To all the crunchers a special delight
I heard him exclaim as he faded from sight

Happy crunching to all and to all a good night !
Kai Strang
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2011-12-23 23:13:21

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2011-12-23 23:41:26

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