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2013-04-11 11:47:56

Microsoft's Windows 8 took another knock Wednesday as research firm IDC laid much of the blame for the first quarter's historically-horrible PC numbers at the feet of the beleaguered operating system.

Yesterday, IDC and rival Gartner released their estimates for 2013's first-quarter PC shipments. The former painted a gloomy picture of the industry, saying that the 14% decline, year over year, was the largest ever in its nearly two decades of tracking.

Gartner pegged the global downturn at 11%.

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Bruce Kennedy
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2013-04-12 20:01:45

Very interesting article Sid. Maybe I'm part of the problem? I haven't built a computer yet this year and if I did it would have Windows 7 or Ubuntu. I refuse to touch Windows 8.
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