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2014-10-10 01:34:32

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2014-10-21 13:42:06

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2015-01-05 18:35:12

I thought about printing this out for my 80-year-old parents, but then I realized that the Google-is-your-friend step would probably result in them downloading some free "optimizer" or registry-altering script. At the very least, the next time I saw their computers, they would have the Google, Yahoo, and Ask toolbars installed, and their homepages would be set to a clickbait site.
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2015-01-06 01:43:13

I've always thought that you should have to take and pass a basic computer class before being able to purchase one. If you don't know enough about what you're doing, and what sources to trust online, you could very quickly be passing viruses around, have your personal information stolen, or download malware and unwittingly become part of a botnet. Just because it's your computer in your house, doesn't mean that your actions cannot affect other people. Being a good online citizen is just as important as in the real world, if not more so since much of our lives are dependent on information passed around online.
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