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2014-12-04 04:57:17

From the San Francisco Globe Newspaper's web site:

This Grocery Store Surprises Its Customers With Some Holiday Cheer

It took a team of cashiers, 13 different hidden cameras, and a whole lot Christmas spirit to pull off this epic holiday surprise!

Edeka, Germany's largest supermarket chain, decided to surprise its shoppers with a seasonal treat. In an attempt to liven up the otherwise boring chore of grocery shopping, these cashiers opted to delight their patient shoppers with a choreographed orchestra that beeped the holiday classic, "Jingle Bells."

According to Wikipedia, "Jingle Bells" was written by James Lord Pierpont way back in 1857. Interestingly enough, it was originally published under the title, "One Horse Open Sleigh." Though, I think we can all agree, the newer title seems to roll off the tongue a bit better.

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