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Tuna Ertemalp
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2016-03-25 21:34:40

When I click to turn on "Do Not Use Intel GPU", the checkmark show up, but when I click on another row, it moves to the nVidia column. Clicking back into the original row moves it back to Intel. Refreshing the page shows it under Intel. Clicking on it to turn it off seems like it worked, but once you click on some other row, it comes back under Intel. But refreshing the page again shows that it actually did get turned off. So, the clicks seem to change the data correctly, and the refresh seems to draw the correct checkmarks, but they are not drawn properly while they are being edited and the user is moving from row to row.

[BOINCstats] Willy
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2016-03-27 08:47:44

Please do not PM, IM or email me for support (they will go unread/ignored). Use the forum for support.
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