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2016-11-25 09:46:19


Since I signed in, the SETI project is on my projects list without I asked for it. I set it not to be linked to any of my computers. I also changed my credentials on the SETI website but it seems that this is doing nothing (it still says 'success' on the 'last attempt' column on 'My projects' page where other projects say 'No previous contact').

How can I delete it from my project list ?

PS : Sorry for my English (french).
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2017-01-30 11:47:32

I can't remove a project too. There is no checkbox or anything else under column "Options" in Tab "My projects".
I could "Attach all hosts now" and "Detach all hosts now", that’s all.

Also in Tab “BOINCstats settings”: If I uncheck the box in column “Show in menu?” then the project is still present in all menus.
I test it in Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Where is the missing link? It's a bug or a feature?
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2017-07-02 14:56:36
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It sucks because I can not delete projects. It's like a nightmare. I hate it. I create a new account of the project in question by losing all the accumulated credit. This is like a virus or malware. Pathetic. Those who ask in the forum how to delete the projects tell them that you can not or knowingly enrich them with useless actions or tell them to change the user and mail to any other, but none of that works. Once BAM cracks your project account key, everything is the same, they can enter when they want in your account and modify the preferences at will. There are rumors that they remain part of the credits as payment for the service. Hateful.
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