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2017-02-10 20:33:38

I have found that BAM does not show that my Odroid XU4 have Mali-T628 GPU. In the past I logged similar issue against BOINC at github. After some changes in code this GPU is shows on my computers list on Seti@Home. Looks that BAM also needs some changes. Maybe even some changes in XML API? Pleaase take a look on this. You can check my host odroid-linux-1 for details. Note: for some reason OpenCL reports two separate GPUs with different numbers of compute units, do not be surprised that two GPUs are reported.
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2017-03-25 22:10:54

There's no GPU support on Android as currently there is no way to access the graphics subsystem except through the Android OS, so it's kind of moot point...

That said, GPU detection on Droid is all based on what the manufacturers encode into the device so it's not like on the PC side where graphics identification although not perfect is generally pretty good because you don't have a bunch of China manufacturers making video chips. Sometimes multiple chips match an id string and there's no way to properly identify it. I had an iRulu tablet that was like that and wasn't being picked up by 3DMark and they explained this to me.
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