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2017-09-05 14:27:35

What I did:
I am new to using BOINC but for the most part everything seems straightforward. During the SETI WOW! event, I wanted to put more resources into SETI@home so I learned how to update the resource share, and set SETI@home to 100, and the remaining projects to 30. Everything updated on BIONC Manager. I then learned then the range was between 0 and10,000 (not 0-100 as I originally thought) so I set SET@home to 10,000. Once again, everything on the BIONC Manager was copacetic.

My Error:
The event ended, so I set all my projects back to 100, however, the change only took for 3 of my 7 projects on BIONC Manager! I am still stuck with SETI@home at 10,000, and the 3 other projects at 30!

My troubleshooting:
On the BIONC Manager I attempted to try entering new values for the projects, to see if that would take but nothing is changing. I also tried multiple times to Synchronize with BOINCstatsBAM! with no effect. I also tried Stop Using BOINCstatsBAM! and then adding it back. Nothing.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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2017-09-16 03:49:08

If you are using the account manager, you should make any changes to resource share from the BAM! website. Note that any values entered on the "My projects" page might be overridden by a host-specific value under the host page.
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