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Michael Polla
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2018-02-05 11:01:45


I detached some hosts from BOINCstats during 1-2 months. Now that I've re-attached them, I see that it created duplicates in the Host list, although it's still the same computers (no hardware change or new OS installation, the BOINC installation and configuration didn't change...) :

For example, the host "Houba-Bureau" with BAM! ID 561438 as been duplicated to 731774.

What bugs me is that the score is still updated on the "old" hosts, seen has inactive (thus in red and showing a delete icon), as you can see in the "Last day/week/month" columns.

However, to change the settings (project attribution,...) of these hosts, I have to do that under the "new" one.

Is there a way to regroup these hosts?

Thank you!
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2018-02-09 12:10:40
last modified: 2018-02-09 12:11:42

I've found this can often be corrected by 'merging' duplicate hosts at the projects themselves.
I check the projects for each duplicate host here for the matches.
I make sure that both active and inactive hosts at the matched projects are shown, and then I merge the old into the new for the duplicate listed host (if eligible at the project).
Then I wait a couple days for the update to 'migrate' to the stats here. Usually this works for me.
Duplicate hosts can be generated for several reasons (as you stated) and BOINCStats reports what is coming from the projects.
Michael Polla
BAM!ID: 76372
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2018-03-29 14:58:57

First, thanks DanUntied for you reply.

I merged all duplicate hosts on all the projects account page, but nothing changed.

Some days ago I decided to delete the "inactive" hosts from Boincstats (using the red X button), to keep only the new created ones.

Today I saw that the score are now correctly attached to the remaining hosts in Boincstats.
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2018-03-29 16:11:05

I Have also had exactly this experience and have also found that deleting the old host causes everything to move to the new host.

In my case it has happened a few times with my android devices. The one downside is that you have to wait for the device to become 'old' before you get the red cross to delete it (Unless I've missed something somewhere). I think 'Old' is after 30 days, but it hasn't happened to me for a while, so I'm not sure.
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