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2019-01-03 03:49:54
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Across 4 hosts on BAM (not on the devices), none of them are picking up the group settings. I've tried checking and modifying the group checkboxes but BAM will not populate the hosts with those options. I actually reported this in the past and IIRC, the only way to cure this was to create a new group (and yet another entry into your database). Additionally, if you create a new group, it says a new group is created with the existing settings. Lies, all lies. NOTHING is populated for any of the projects.

EDIT: I moved 2 hosts to a new group. 1 took the change, the 2nd did not take the change (still would not update the projects)

Also, in the Group settings, I set all the projects to default shares and yet when I reload the page, the changes have disappeared.


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2019-04-07 18:27:10

I also noticed when I move 1 host from group A to group B then the host will not have the new project setups.

One way I found around this is going into the group list, selecting group B and manually re-ticking ALL ticked check boxes.

I hope it will get fixed in the near future ^^
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