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2020-01-21 20:03:23

It appears that the "last 60 Days" page of individual stats is incorrect for a period of time (hours?) while updating each day.

When the update starts (about 1000 hours Eastern Standard time for me today) a new line of stats is added to the bottom of the page of stats, and the oldest one drops off.

But the date column does not adjust, apparently.

So the Last 60 Days, as presented, has each line of stats attributed to the previous day! For example, this morning, the new stats for Jan 21 were seen with a date of Jan 20; the Jan 20 stats were lined up with Jan 19, and so on. Jan 21 did not appear at the bottom of the Date column.

After about an hour, the dates were all moved up a row, Jan 21 finally appeared at the bottom of the Date column, now lined up with the stats for that day, and all was well.. Until tomorrow, I suspect

To emphasize: during this transition period, the whole 60 days of stats are off by one day.

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