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2020-07-03 00:46:22

After this minor fiasco with WCG URL (which never cleared itself automatically), somehow resource share got set to 1 on BAM.

There's also a bug with BOINC reported on here where you have to exit out of BOINC and restart for it to reflect the update resource share. I went searching on why BOINC kept reporting 1 even though I had updated the resource share.
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2021-12-10 21:15:20

In the last days it took me hours to find out why the boinc manager ignores the ressource share settings of the projects.
Now I see that its set everywhere to 1.

PLEASE, BAM, set the default value to "project default".
Or give the user at least a possibility to change the value for all projects and all hosts at once. I dont want to change this manually, this must be hundreds of project/host combinations.
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