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2020-07-17 15:13:40

When I use BAM! to connect to TACC, I get the following messages in the log:

7/17/2020 11:07:36 AM | BOINC@TACC | This project is using an old URL. When convenient, remove the project, then add
7/17/2020 11:07:36 AM | BOINC@TACC | Couldn't create host record in database

I checked my host list in TACC and it was not created.

Then, I detached from TACC using BAM! and connected directly to the project using BOINC. There were no error messages and the host record was successfully created. I then detached from the project and tried using BAM! to connect again. I get the same error messages even though the host record has already been created. Is the first error causing the second error?
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