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2020-09-17 07:09:06

Three days ago I changed my email address and Password due to a compromised email address. Now I am having the following problems:

1. Half of my projects are not shown in BoincStats.
2. Lost over 2.5 Billion Credits.
3. Unable to attach hosts to BAM. Bam Shows a "Busy" reply.

Please look into this as I believe it is beyond me to fix it.

P.S I have been crunching Amicable project for weeks, yet it is not shown in BoincStats. It shows that I am running BAM but I can not syncronise it. Nothing happens when I choose the option.
My Account on Amicable Projects appears to show my correct credential and correct preferences and shows my total credit. Similar with the TNGrid that I also been crunching for a number of days.
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2020-09-18 13:16:22

BAM! doesn't have a "busy" reply. Was it a timeout maybe?
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2020-09-19 07:14:36

Willy, I do not think it was a time out for I have tried doing the same on a number of projects and I got the same answer after trying time and again. Please note that since I changed emails and passwords, I have ran all individual projects a couple of days ago and they all uploaded results, yet next day nothing changed on the Stats.. I have left messages on their forum asking if the xml stats are reporting correctly since my change.. Nothing heard at this stage.

2.5 Billion is a lot to loose...

Thank you for your understanding of why I am concerned. And Thank you for advising what else can I do since nothing seems to work. There must be an easier way to change your email address and Password. What have I done wrong?
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