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2023-11-08 05:19:07
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I am a newer BOINCstats user, but I have participated in some older distributed computing projects in my life (Project RC5 & SETI@Home). I registered for 7 projects about 2 weeks ago & have 27 BOINC engines setup directly to most of these projects. I wanted to try BOINCstats as their Account Managers to have more command & control, but I can't seem to clear these Incorrect Password errors on every single project on BOINCstats. If I check my credentials & credit on these projects, they are valid & continue to connect my latest engine tonight. I didn't want to rush the process. It's been this way about 5 days now, so I'm wondering if any other known issues exist with the Find Account function on these projects on BOINCstats?

The projects are: Einstein@Home, ClimatePrediction, Rosetta@Home, Universe@Home & World Computing Grid. I also plan to do Milkyway@Home & PrimeGrid once this functionality is working.

The attached image appears truncated on the forums, but if you go directly to the Image.. you can see what I am seeing. I zoomed out to get a wider view.

My passwords for these projects are NOT all the same, and they are actually complex. They are between 10-15 characters long, if that matters. It would be my understanding now that people may use the same password across all projects. I did not opt-in to that approach. I don't mind the copy/paste for complex passwords.

Thank you for what you do! Please let me know if you need any more information.


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2023-11-08 06:57:35

You could try to use your Boincstats password for all of these (or at least one for a try) in order to hopefully get them attached this way and afterwards set the complex passwords again from Boincstats.
I haven't used this new feature myself, but that's my idea about what might help.
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2023-11-10 13:27:49

This should work now. Please try it and let me know the result.
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