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2006-09-06 04:46:04
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OK, I think I've narrowed this down to a BAM! issue.

For many moons, my cpid for all six projects has been c229c4fb3ddc80c5740fc037007aed45. Last week I was notified that my email address was going to go away so an update was in order. I used BAM! to change my email address and it worked flawlessly for all my projects. All projects showed the new address that day and within a couple of days the cpid for all projects had updated to 8a5338729113596d26de1e2146ebaf58. BoincSTATS is picking up the new CPID as demonstrated by searching for user 'deprecated' and looking at combined stats.

The problem is that BAM! doesn't seem to want to switch to the new CPID as recorded on the "Main account page" even though I've requested a "Renew" a couple of times during the last week.

Any Ideas on how to get the new CPID to register in the BAM! Main account page?
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2006-09-06 08:02:56

Ran the CPID update for your account (same as run when requested from the account page) and your CPID updated to the new one. Don't know why it didn't work before.
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