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2010-08-27 08:49:54


I have set one of my hosts to not receive new workunits for Primaboinca through BAM but it sill gets new workunits. I know I can do this in the Boinc Manager itself but I would like to manage this in BAM. Could this be an issue with the project as I think the "not receive new WU" option works for other projects (not sure to be honest).

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2010-08-27 09:50:28
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Some Projects will still send work even though you have the Project set to NNW, or send way more work than you ask for, more than likely it's a bug at the Project rather than one with BAM . Best thing to do for that Host is to Set to NNW & Suspend the Project too, that way if you do get work on the Host they won't run anyway and you can just Abort the Wu's.
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