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2011-04-14 17:06:06

World Community Grid always shows a Last Update of "No response from project." It seems like results are not going back to there.
Any idea?
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2011-05-17 10:15:28

I too have this, I did come across a post elsewhere in the forums that implied WCG does not play nice with BOINCStats BAM! and that's just the way it is.

It would be helpful to know why though, or if the powers-that-be are trying to improve the situation.
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2011-08-10 08:27:32

Same problem here, any updates?
[BOINCstats] Willy
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2011-08-14 09:45:51
last modified: 2011-08-14 09:46:04

As long as WCG doesn't change their code, nothing will change.
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2011-11-20 08:27:19

I have the same problem, could this be fixed please? "No response from project"
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2012-03-10 23:56:43

I have a related problem ...

I'm unable to change my project resources allocation to WCG using BOINCstats. While I can change the allocation value on the website, it doesn't carry over into my BAM resouce allocation values. I've tried resetting the WCG allocation several times on the BOINCstats website, but when I try to synch the BAM application, the WCG resource allocation remains zero.

Is there any kind of a workaround which will allow me to correctly set my BAM resource allocation for WCG?
Gundolf Jahn
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2012-03-11 00:54:19

From the BAM! Supported Projects page (reachable from the BAM! homepage):
World Community Grid: Only supports reading from the project. BAM! can't update settings.

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