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2006-04-13 18:32:29
last modified: 2016-03-20 08:25:47

A few basic rules when you submit a bug:

1: Be sure to read the F.A.Q. and/or search the forum before posting a new bug.

2: Start a new thread for every new bug.

3: Explain what you think is wrong.

4: Explain how you think it should be.

5: Provide a URL to the page on BOINCstats where you found the bug.

6: Submit your BAM! account ID and any relevant BAM! host ID in every post.

7: If the bug concerns a host/client, include the hostname, operating system (and version) and BOINC version in the post.

8: Include the contents of acct_mgr_request.xml and acct_mgr_reply.xml when BAM! returns errors or behaves inappropriate to the host. Remove the authenticator and passwords from the text!

9: This subforum is for BAM! bugs only!

10: Bugs posted in another forum (to avoid following these rules?) will be deleted.

11: Do not hijack a thread with a similar problem or with something different altogether. This does not help the process. Only post to an existing thread when you are sure it's the same problem and you have more information, not just to say you have it too.

12: Do not post "I have the same problem" or something similar. It's a given more people will have the same issue.

13: Post in English! Posts which are not in English may not receive any reply/solution.

14: Be nice! We do not make errors on purpose, nor do we create a problem just for you. If you cannot behave yourself in your wordings your post will be ignored.

15: When a problem is (presumably) solved the thread is restricted. Only the thread starter can post to the thread and reopen it.

Very important, and I really mean this: Not following these guidelines will result in no answer or no solution or a deleted, locked or moved topic.
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2008-09-16 17:17:43

Updated the rules, please read them.
Please do not PM, IM or email me for support (they will go unread/ignored). Use the forum for support.
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