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2017-04-07 05:23:08

I thought there was a place to request new features for BAM, but I'm not seeing it in my tiredness if there is, so apologies if I missed it.


Would it be possible to have BAM attempt to lookup automatically for added projects to the list?

I'm thinking the ideal way would be this would be triggered upon going to the Sign-up page where a script would run through each project and add the project if the lookup was successful. That way the server isn't wasting cycles going through each account trying to do this all the time.

For example: I went there tonight and Duchamp and STOP are now on the list... but the script would have hit these two, saw the credentials were good, and then added them to My projects.

If for some reason someone did NOT want to happen, put in a checkbox option that if they clear, this wouldn't occur.

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