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2017-09-22 02:38:06
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My apologies if this is the wrong forum for this. I have successfully changed my password on all my project sites. I know this because I logged out after changing my password and then logged back in again successfully on all sites with my new password.

I have tried to change it here, however, even though the boxes for new password and confirmation of the new password indicate that the passwords match; however, when I try to use the new password, the login page tells me that the password/user name is invalid. I have gone through account recovery twice.

I would like to know if there are any limitations on passwords that are not obvious. My new password is rather long, however, on changing my password at WCG, the limit is clearly stated as 100 characters.

So I am wondering what is going on. I could have made a mistake typing in both the new password and the verification of that password, however, that I have gone through this twice now it seems unlikely.


EDIT - I Just changed my password to a different, shorter password, and that seems to work properly.
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2017-09-22 10:13:28

There are no limits or restrictions on the password. However, I was using a PHP function to filter the password for unsafe characters. I think that was the problem. I changed this function, you can try your new password again.
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2018-01-25 22:00:31

I've created a second account for some of my machines at work; was having troubles getting BOINC Manager connected to BAM when I came across this thread. I was using special characters (specifically, the @ symbol) in the password and couldn't get it connect. I removed the special characters, and everything connects without incident. Seems this is still an issue?
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