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2018-01-16 08:15:53

Hello you all,

I recently upgraded one of my rigs from a GTX970 to a GTX1080 and from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10. Now, in my BAM! Host list my computer appears twice. Somehow the remaining work is displayed correctly to the "new" one, but if I get credits for finished tasks, the'll get added to my "old" one.
So if it possible to merge the computers by name (as it is possible at some projects f.E. Einstein@home, Asteroids@home) or should I just wait one month and then remove my the old entry in the list? Will this cause any trouble in my correct documentation of credits?

Thanks for help!
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2018-01-19 02:36:06

If you're talking about "Host list" then it's only for the project management functions, the stats are coming from the projects so if it shows up good there you don't have anything to worry about.
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