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2019-06-09 23:57:21


Hopefully I'm posting this thread in an appropriate forum section; if not, sorry in advance, and if you would kindly point me in the proper direction, I would appreciate it! Now, on with the show...

To show my appreciation and support for all of the hard work and time the BOINCstats folks have invested in this endeavor, I made a small donation to "support the cause." And, truthfully, I was becoming a little tired of the ads, so it was a win-win for me to donate Anyhow, it's my understanding that, if one donates a minimum average of €2.00 per month for a year, one may be rewarded with the option to disable the BOINCstats website ads...

I thought that I had met the requirement, however, the checkbox remains "greyed-out"... Strangely, at the same time, I am still allowed to remove the check from the "Show ads?" option. I figured that this was all that was necessary to achieve an "ad-less" experience, but the checkbox field is "re-checked" when I re-visit the BOINCstats Settings page, and the ads remain. Is there something I'm doing incorrectly, or have I not actually met the minimum requirement to remove the ads? If not, how might I quickly remedy the situation, in the most simplistic, least-amount-of-headache-to-myself-and-others-manner?

I've gone from [Hopeful Experimentation...] --> --> [Acceptance of Futility], trying to fumble-through the menus for an obvious or cleverly-disguised option that I needed to also have enabled/disabled to remove the ads, with no success. I'm convinced that the answer lies somewhere magical, beyond my technical competence and/or understanding...

Any assistance that can be offered will be gratefully accepted and appreciated, regardless, and if such help results in an "ad-less" BOINCstats experience, you will have become my personal, BOINCstats website "Hero".

Best regards,

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2019-06-10 06:40:44

Thought I fixed it .

I've been working on a new BOINCstats, can you try if it works here:
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