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James Bradshaw
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2022-03-14 03:32:19

I am running four PCs. Let me take you through the sequence, if that helps: 1. Log into BOINC. 2. Click on Link to users host stats and it lists ALL four hosts. 3. If I then click on BAM and then click on HOSTS, it lists three of the four hosts. 4. If I then click 'show all hosts' it lists all four, but the 4th host is displayed in RED and is marked with a RED X. NOTE: I am currently running ONLY MILKYWAY. The production credits are currently few to none because of server problems at MILKYWAY. This situation with BAM and the RED host has been happening for a long time.

I suspect that I did something incorrectly long ago, but I have no idea what.... Thanks in advance for assistance. JB
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