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Skip Da Shu
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2007-11-09 08:27:55

1) Wish new hosts would come up with resource allocations set to "-" instead of copying in the then current global resource settings.
- da shu @ the BOINC farm, Guru Mountain, Crunchers
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2007-11-15 06:57:59

would be nice to form groups with the hosts. That way I can attach a project to all hosts in a group instead of all hosts in general....
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2007-11-15 14:35:10

I'd like to see a way to set delayed detach for all hosts for a given project, instead of needing to do it host by host.
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2007-11-15 20:30:21

I'd like to see the 'No New Work' setting get synchronised with the client's setting (might need a client change?). I've had BAM override a client's setting a few times now.
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