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2008-01-07 19:56:30

In BAM menu - Project list it says "Removing a project will also detach this project from your hosts!"

In my experience this is not the case, but I'm not totally sure if this really is a bug in BAM, or if I just did something wrong.

Anyway: I deleted a project on this page end of December, but my machines happily continued with that project. So today I did a "Find account" to get the project back in my list, and then went to Resources and selected "Detach all hosts now". After the machine had synchronized with BAM, the project was gone.

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2008-03-16 11:31:43

In BAM menu - Project list it says "Removing a project will also detach this project from your hosts!"

Thanks for this hint, I'm currently facing the same problem and will now try this!

Anyway this should be fixed...

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2008-03-23 11:27:18
last modified: 2008-03-23 11:56:28

what happens when i select "detach all hosts now"?
a) all current WUs are calculated until the end. Then the project detaches. The waiting WUs are deleted.
b) all current WUs are interrupted and deleted. Then the project detaches. Also waiting WUs are deleted.
EDIT: i tried it:
b) is correct, current running WUs are deleted. What a nonsense, though! delayed detach would be much better. But this can only be done selecting every single host. But when you own many hosts...
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2008-06-28 15:38:12

Thank you that worked for me to
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