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2008-10-25 15:18:05

Is it possible to add the possibility to add a project by it URL ?

It could be cool, because they are some project witch are not in the BAM! list.

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2008-10-26 15:02:05

Yes, you can add a project directly through the BOINC manager.

Use the Advanced View, go to the Advanced tab, and "Attach to project".


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2008-10-27 17:06:01

Yep I know.

But I have to do it on each computer, I can't do it for all my computers (I know, I have only 2 computers, but I want to implement a cluster ...).
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2011-07-19 17:33:10

Sorry to awaken an old threed but I am also wondering about how to do this.
I can't find any links that looks like the one given below in the BAM! menus here.
(I can find some that look close to in the windows client, but that is not where I want to add projects).

I am looking for a way to add smaller/(private) projects ...
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2011-07-20 05:22:55

If you are referring to a project that is not currently one of the BAM supported projects, then you will have to add them manually through the BOINC manager as described above.
Gundolf Jahn
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2011-07-20 08:05:27
last modified: 2011-07-20 08:12:24

You could also copy the account_<project URL>.xml file from an already attached host to the BOINC data directory of all other hosts. That way, you'll still have to work on every host separately, but perhaps that copy operation takes less effort than going through the attach wizard on each host.

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2018-06-28 01:26:46

I know this is like 7 years late, but is this possible yet?
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