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Patrick R
BAM!ID: 3983
Joined: 2006-08-13
Posts: 7
Credits: 1,123,462
World-rank: 184,464

2006-12-18 16:52:05

I'm still looking for some people, to join my team, in the first place for building up some credits, but also for making new friends, all over the world.
You will find my team in almost every Boinc Project.

Join and give the small teams also a change to earn some credits.
BAM!ID: 19565
Joined: 2007-02-18
Posts: 6
Credits: 189,041,973
World-rank: 5,105

2007-02-28 12:32:35

Or you could join the biggest belgian team and if you want still remain as a subteam in team!
We have a great active forum there with lots of subteam competitions but offcourse we join our forces to substain our n°1 places in a couple of projects ;-)
Come and take a look!

Rene Crauwels
BAM!ID: 24916
Joined: 2007-04-29
Posts: 6
Credits: 337,362
World-rank: 359,611

2007-09-17 15:34:13

Join and give the small teams also a change to earn some credits.

Another option is that your team joins : Icewolves

a small Belgian team with 23 members.
Our goal is to be the number one Seti@home team in Belgium.
Just take a look at :

The guys at did the same and they were very pleased with
the deal we've made.
- Promotion for their site on our homepage.
- They keep their personal credits
- and they add [eN] in front of their name.

Perhaps you could take a look at our youtube-video :

The video describes our view on Seti as a game.

Feel free to join !
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