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Ian Francis
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2008-08-27 13:56:54

For anyone who is an OSU fan but is either not a member of an Ohio State team or is not a member of 'The Ohio State University' team, please join that team. I am trying to get all OSU students, fans, faculty, staff, and family together in one team, and we are almost there. The one holdout is Einstein@Home, so there is a new 'The Ohio State University' team to join. If you are a member of the 'OSU' team, please switch to the new team.

The 'University of Michigan' team just surpassed us in total credits, and while my Einstein@Home credits will help us regain the lead for now, I do not think we can hold onto the lead without everyone coming together. The UM team keeps growing in RAC, so we need to put some serious work in to hold them off. This is the largest university in the country, so we should have the largest team in BOINC.

There are many Ohio State teams out there over the many projects, but the primary one is 'The Ohio State University'. I hope to see more of you there soon. Happy crunching!
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