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2010-12-24 05:51:04
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Calling noders! We have a usergroup at!

For those who don't know what Everything2 (aka E2is, here's a precis.

We are a community of writers, who have been collaborating for over ten years to produce a database of writings about, well everything. From factual articles, opinion, poetry, fiction, creative writing...the list goes on.

Come along and have a look, and if you are looking for a team, there's one at a number of projects, starting with WCG through (mostly) biology sciences to LHC. Look for Everything2 Noders and join the smart set! (Actually there are Everything2 Noders teams in all the projects in my stats badge below.)

There's a usergroup based on E2, at

I've also recently written two BOINC-related articles, on BOINC and the BOINC Account Manager.

Thanks for listening. Now,back to your regular programming.

I also shoot cancer with a 686 Magnum
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