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Herr Revelion
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2011-01-22 23:15:10

Anyone interested in join to new team, Hammrammstein, this is the name...All of members are active in this team.

is growing rapidly, I started alone, but now we are three partners and six computers, our team's idea is to grow rapidly and expand the idea of BOINC...collaboration and computation...

Well this team is created because I love animals and I have a couples of hamsters, and my favourite group of music is Rammstein...and many people especially DJ and other creators of music Critics the metal music in general and especially Rammstein because sing hard and being from Germany, and they called nazies...GRRRRRR I would take those people and EXPULSE OF EARTH PLANET.

I can make DJ music with my hammer...

And this team was created with a certain ideal:

- ecology
- Anti-animal abuse
- Pro metal music

And always to grow and expand BOINC initiative,of collaboration and cumputacion.

You know if you don´t have team and share our ideals, join Hammrammstein
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