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2010-09-14 17:51:25
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Hello all! (Excuse me for my English )

4 of October is a 53 years of first sattelite launch.

What you think about Astronomy and Astrophysics-related pentathlon, devoted to this date?

Idea Basics:

1. Projects
2010.10.04 - 2010.10.10 -> Cosmology@Home
2010.10.11 - 2010.10.17 -> Einstein@Home
2010.10.18 - 2010.10.24 -> Orbit@Home
2010.10.25 - 2010.10.31 -> SETI@home
2010.11.01 - 2010.11.07 -> MilkyWay@Home

2. Pentathlon rank calculation
Rank of team depends on number of won "Pentathlon points".
Each stage will be defined as BOINCStats Challenge. After finish of challenge for each team the quantity of the won points is calculated and published in challenge chat or this or special thread. Higher value of points - better.

After finish of 5 stage of pentathlon, final points will be published in challenge chat and special (or this thread).

3. Pentathlon points calculation
I offer two approaches to points calculation. Each approach operates "fractional points" for team.

First approach:
All teams in challenge get a points. 1st team win 50 points. Team that finish on place 20 won the 1 point. All other teams won points that calculated by exponent:
e^(ln(50)*(20 - x)/19), where x - team position.

In more common view : e^(ln(a)*(b - x)/(b - 1)), where a - number of points for winner, b - position of team that won 1 point.

Second approach:
All teams in challenge get a points. All credit, harvested by all teams in challenge, equivalents to 1000 points. Credit of each team calculated as <team credit> / <all challenge credit> * 1000 points.
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