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2016-02-11 00:01:30

My account name is wwei25. I registered and activated my account two days ago. Since I did not see anything in my detailed stats, I thought maybe there is anything wrong with my previous CPID, so I clicked to have it changed. But when my new CPID arrived, I checked and found that there are only POEM@home and yoyo@home. My other projects are just unavailable to see. And I searched through and found that my username has been splitted into three accounts that has three different CPIDs. My current CPID shown in Boincstats system is 431cae436f2bfae4a850cfb2757a715c, while I have another account with CPID 284c98bfa6246da17f86f569aa433118 and another with 21d91285b79cea7b18e94eeee3e3d866. How can such thing happened? Could anyone help me to combine them into one account and delete the remaining? Thank you!
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