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2016-08-09 16:29:14

since 2016-07-03 my total stats are messed up as you can see here. One day i'm credited for 1000000 credits the next one i lose 2000000 I've checked all my projects and this up and down behavior doesn't happen.
Can someone help?
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2016-10-05 21:46:18

The same thing has happened to me on several occasions. It looks like whatever my score dropped, it goes up right after that by the same amount.

I am experiencing a completely different situation - my average went from 18000 to 12000 for no reason. Nothing changed anywhere. Then, I went out of town and took my computer offline most of the day, and changed my preference to upload only 1 time per day (I had had it set at every 0.1 day). All of a sudden, my average has gone from 12000 to over 20000. What changed? Does it mean that half of my credits when I was uploading every 0.1 got lost? Strange. And I can't get an explanation from anyone.

Best of luck!
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