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2016-09-04 12:37:55


I'm not quite sure of the sequence of events - I've been using boinc for well over a decade and it's all blurred into the mists of time. However at some point I was running the now closed BBC Climate Change project which used the boinc platform. But I'd signed up to that project via the BBC and ended up with a different id and CPID from all my other projects.

I just had the brainwave of actually registering that old id on boincstats, thinking I'd edit that new profile to contain my other email address, cos I know that email address is the identifier for CPID. But sadly boincstats won't let me do that - telling me that that email address is already in use!

So maybe this one won't solve? Is there any way of combining these two accounts and CPIDs - they really are both 'me'...!

Many thanks - RichardRodd & roddr
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2016-09-04 13:01:01

Maybe ( ) you can use this function of BAM! :
But I am not sure if it can solve your problem.
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