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[BAT] TigerWing
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2017-07-12 14:51:06

Hi all,

restarted crunching couple of months ago after a couple of years and ofcourse with new machines
although my projects stats do update in the my projects section - nothing seems to happen in my detailed stats?
i know from before that it might take a couple of days but.... over a month seems quite long?

anybody any idea?
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2017-07-20 19:40:27

Same issue here! Just can't seem to fix it.
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2017-07-21 07:29:38
last modified: 2017-07-21 07:33:04

I too am having this same problem.

If I look at 'My Detailed Stats' via the link on the left had side of the main
Boinc Stats Screen, it shows old info for an old 'User ID'.

But if I access my stats directly via clicking on 'Host List' then clicking on the
'Detailed Stats', little graph icon. Then clicking on my user name under 'Owner',
it will take me to a 'Detailed Stats' screen for my current correct 'User ID'
and shows all my latest stats.

Very strange, is there a way that I can edit the 'User ID' for the main 'My Detailed Stats'
screen so that it looks at the correct User ID?

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