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2017-08-30 04:27:51

Apparently I have a different CPID here than on the main site, message boards, though same email address. Apparently over almost 10 years, I reset my CPID ID once or twice, but maybe should not have, and a few months ago lost about 1,000,000 of my about 2,000,000+ credits. I'm trying the ‘sync retired projects’ thing which I hope will fix it. I've read a lot of this site for years, the FAQ in the menu and in this forum, but not sure I ever understood CPID. Below is a post I also did on the main site message boards. Hopefully this will be resolved soon (the credits at least,) but another thing is different CPIDs on both sites, not listing computers (two to five daily) I've been using daily the last several months.

I used BOINC since 2000s, and a few years ago, it stopped working on my main OS. After installing & running on other computers, I lost half my credits, then more, while also completing some thousands more. The credits never returned as it's said should happen in a few days, but I see, maybe it's because several projects closed and are no longer listed... do you lose credits for that? I looked them up somewhere like ‘BOINC World Stats,’ which I'm not sure exists anymore. If I'm wrong, and my credits are still there, what do I need to do, and what sites do I need to check, to see/fix my full list? I also see none of my computers listed in my account here, though I'm running BOINC on two or three daily... I also see I have a different cross-project ID here and on BAM.
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2017-08-30 19:49:17

Sorry to say I think there's some sort of major problem with BAM and some CPIDs I doubt you'll see a fix. Personally I'm debating whether to start all over again or just shut down my boinc machines and move on.

In years to come if they ever sort it out I might begin again, but like you I've just had to write off years of credits.
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2017-08-31 12:06:58
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dchmelik wrote:

Apparently I have a different CPID here than on the main site, message boards, though same email address.

Heh, that's interesting. As far as I remember in all the years I've never seen anyone noticing that the CPID on the main site of BOINC over on has a different CPID than on other projects.
Well, even if you would try, you NEVER can get that aligned to your usual CPID, it's impossible.
Simple reason why: the BOINC main site itself is NO project in this way and you cannot attach to it with the BOINC manager - because there's no work to get there.
Just live with and ignore it, it doesn't matter to your stats anyway.

Regarding the "sync retired projects":
As far as I know this ONLY works with retired projects since the moment you joined with BAM. Means if you have retired projects from let's say 2013 or lower, but joined in 2014, you cannot sync these projects with your actual CPID, only from 2014 on.
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