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2017-09-04 22:43:44

This is a repost of this thread, as I'm not really sure if this is a stats bug or a CPID bug. When I visit the "My detailed stats" page, I'm getting the message: "User ID doesn't exist in BOINC combined or doesn't have any credit." I can see that my CPID on BOINCstats/BAM! is 2c1ff03b0c0bf223d95ee9572ca0c849. However, the correct CPID for all of my connected projects is 61375e44c28224f4320160c05290aca3. I've tried renewing my CPID on BAM!, but the button doesn't seem to do anything, even after a day of waiting. All of my projects appear to be properly connected to BAM!, it's just the CPID and stats page that aren't lining up correctly. I imagine that if I could just update my CPID with BAM! it would fix my stats problem. Anything you can do to help is much appreciated.

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