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2017-10-24 13:09:11

Apologies in advance for this if someone more familiar with BAM will instantly point me in the right direction of the answer but I have had a look through the CPID problem forum thread and I am hoping someone can either confirm my suspicion or otherwise help me out.

I have 2 computers that are running BOINC. an Imac and a Pi. I have the drigcoin client on my PI as well. I have only added projects to wither computer using BAM! I havent directly added any projects.

The Projects I have added are:

Einstein@ Home - running on both imac and PI
SRbase - running on the imac only
YoYo@home - running on the PI only

On BAM when I click on Host list then click on my Imac my CPID is "db1b4c2c8119af6ad1fa52a4f7bdebbe" the CPID for my PI is "ba058507ca8f238f21738c1419ac5dde"

I thought that these should be the same

On BAM when I click on my projects stats they all give me my BAM CPID of "f5baf71894ee2d45b646b15420cc1383"

I am a bit confused as to if I have a split CPID here or if all is well and I should expect to have different CPID's for my hosts as they are obviously different machines.

The only thing that lead me to be concerned about split CPID is that my Gridcoin client on my PI only shows the two projects that are running on the PI when I run the "LIST CPIDS" command.

I have noticed in a previous post of a similar ilk to this that the advice was to add all the projects onto the main client ie the one running my Gridcoin wallet (the PI) even if it doesnt do any work on all the projects so that all the CPID's tie together and that gridcoin can 'see' the work im doing. I could be miles off base here.

I know this isn't a gridcoin forum so i'm not expecting an answer to that issue (although if you know please do help and I suspect the issue is tied together) I was just raising it as it was the reason why I think I have a CPID problem.

Anyway I hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

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