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2019-04-01 20:09:11

I posted previously how one of my hosts is receiving 0 credits, its credits are going to another host. I examined my hosts' details in Einstein@Home, Rosetta@Home, and SETI@Home. In all three, I checked the link to "Cross project credit:". The 0 credits host's link is the CPID of the host receiving its credits.

In the past I upgraded the host with 0 credits. I put in a faster CPU and clean installed macOS. Once BOINC was installed and reporting I merged it with the old host. Apparently that went horribly wrong and it merged with the wrong host.

How can I fix this? How can I make the host with 0 credits use its own CPID, not the other host's?

Host with 0 credits:
Host receiving credits:
CPID link for both in Cross project credit:

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