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2019-10-21 15:56:40

I have three User Numbers of whish 1435037 seems to be the most up to date. User 181 was my account for years and years and then I needed to change my email address and I ended up with 175258 and don't know how it is the current one 1435037.

I have tried all I know of to get them to sync but it is impossible I think. I have had one PC with all projects on it thinking it would sync them up but no luck. I tried the BAM option to sync CPID's and nothing has happened with that.

Ant help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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2020-01-12 00:08:40
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I'm with you Dingo. I have 2 CPIDs and cannot get the current email address associated one to be "the" CPID for all projects. Pity that BOINC is still retarded after so many years.
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