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2020-03-02 20:21:43

Looks like I have 2 CPIDs since change to my actual email and username.

#1: IcemanKA
User Details

#2: KaCity
User Detail

Both use the same email - projects sync with #2, retired projects are still connected to #1.

When I log into BoincStats the Name is KACity, the mail is correct (the same as #1 and #2) but I get the detailed stats of the old version of my account, the 2 PCs are obviously connected to the new KACity

Sorry, in hours of searching and reading I found no solution for this problem. Can I just log into this new created Account KACity? The loss of the points remained on IcemanKA are not that mus, or move all projects to my old ID? What can I do?

2020-03-04 19:47:09

Hmm, what if I delete my account, will I still be able to log in, KACity uses the same mailadresss.

If not, what happens if I delete my IcemanKA account and create a new KACity Account? Can I connect to the still running KACity Boinc Account, that gets my work progress and has my 2 PCs connected?
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