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BAM!ID: 235781
Joined: 2020-03-24
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2020-03-24 11:27:18
last modified: 2020-03-24 11:34:17

Hi so I used the same email and password while using the "existing account" feature in rosetta@home and GPUgrid and when I check in the app, it says that I have this ID and when I click the BAM! menu on the left page it says my ID number is 235781.

Now If I go on "My detailed stats", it says "User ID doesn't exist in BOINC combined or doesn't have any credit"

But when I try creating a signature, it says this at the bottom of the page
With a totally different ID number!

Also, quick question : Why didnt my username still not change on page when I changed it in options 5 days ago?

Thanks in advance! all these ID things confuse me sometimes haha!
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