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2020-09-15 23:20:58

I note that my daily, weekly, monthly credits are all down by various amounts culminating in the greatest daily credit loss. I am crunching Amicable and TN Grid at present and both are not included in the daily listing. Those projects show my correct details and credit. Is there anything I can do to rectify this? Two Billion is a lot of credit to loose.

2020-09-19 23:20:24
last modified: 2020-09-19 23:24:29

I am updating my original post as nothing changed in 7 days since I changed my email address and Password, leaving me with a loss of 2.6Billion credits and 18 projects not showing in Boinc Stats.

So far I have done the following:

1. Read the FAQ. In part it states to wait for awhile and the CPID will align. The question is how long do I have to wait?

2. I wrote a post in the projects Forum requesting to confirm that the xml stats are being exported and are correct.

3. I crunched in each missing project until I received a credit.

Can somebody advise me please what else can I do.

P>S. I note in my Avatar that my stats have not changed in 5 days.?

2020-10-04 21:52:14
last modified: 2020-10-04 21:58:02

Three weeks and three Sundays have passed since I had to update my email address and password. Since today is Sunday 21:30 UTC the daily/weekly updates should have been completed. Nothing changed. In my current Stats only one project is active, the rest are long time inactive projects like Goofy and Seti.

One thing to note. When I changed my email Address BAM gave me a new CPID: 913~. It has now changed back to: 854e. All along the projects did not want to play and retained the old CPID 854e~.

All 10 machines of mine now cycled through all the projects for the whole week. I allowed Boinc Manager to run all projects and made the project NNW when it gave a credit. A1 and U1 in fact were specially treated for I ran them through manually.

Note also that a project manager who is also a BOINC Committee member stated: Projects can not change CPID, it is a function of BAM/Stats. Projects only export their credits.

Where does this leave me.? Can I do anything else?
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