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2020-11-28 23:37:01

I created my account and have signed up for two projects...PrimeGrid and Moo! Wrapper, and they show up in my BOINC Manager in both Projects and Tasks.

When I log into my BOINCStats account with the same email address I used to set up each project, and attempt to view "My detailed stats,", it gives me an error stating user ID doesn't exist or no credit.

I was a member a FEW years back...probably somewhere around 2 to 5 years ago, but a computer meltdown caused an extensive rebuild. I created a new account on BOINCStats, simply because I can't recall the login email/password I used earlier in time.

I have reset my CPID in hopes that it would re-sync things, but it didn't work.

I have credit, as it shows on each individual account (Moo! Wrapper and PrimeGrid), just not here. Also, I am not a member of any team at this moment, but I WAS a member of Sicataradastra (? on spelling) back in the day.


Thanks for any guidance/information that can be passed on.

Paul Chism
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2021-02-18 21:34:07

Had the same thing happen to me. I waited a while and... it resolved. I did hit the renew CPID on the accounts page, don't think that did it though. Took about a week before my stats started showing up on the web page, but my stats were showing up in BAM/Boinc Manager, so I wasn't all that worried about it.
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