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2021-06-05 18:37:17

Hello all,
after long time I started again with BOINC, now it seems that I have several accounts. I started all projects (Einstein,Rosetta,Milkyway) with the same email address and the same username.
I only have changed the old email adress of my "Seti" account to the actual email address, but I still have access to the old one.
All accounts have username "spanzo".
I cant get an over view on boincstats, but here the issue could be seen:

How is it possible to combine them all to one account? I run boinc on my computer and also on an PI.
What can I do?

thx spanzo
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2021-06-09 20:48:05

First of all: welcome back!

Split CPID's can be difficult to solve or could take a lot of time. The main part is to have your username and e-mail address the same on all projects that you crunch for.

To support the process of having the same CPID on those projects, it helps to have a least one host on which all those projects are registered. No need to do work all the time though. Just add the project, crunch at least 1 task and set it to no new work if at least 1 task has completed.
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