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2021-10-28 18:52:16

Hey guys,

my Einstein@Home Points won't sync to my Combined stats on BAM.
Here are my Stats on Einstein:
Here is my BAM:
But when I click on the stats Link in Einstein, it wants to go and says: "Host ID doesn't exist in BOINC combined or doesn't have any credit."
When I do the same on (for example) Rosetta@H it goes:
wich works, this displays everything but not Einstein.

However Einstein displays the CPID: a026dbd68aeac0dd4624f52c5b805f81 and Rosetta the same: a026dbd68aeac0dd4624f52c5b805f81

But why isn't Einstein linking to this and also why is it not syncing my stats?

Thank you!
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2022-08-14 00:29:47

Probably this is too late, but on EINSTEIN@HOME you need to get into the project website, then into your account preferences and allow information sharing with third-parties.
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