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2023-01-11 00:51:12
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I apologize if this has already been asked, I don't think I'm great at searching if it did--

One of the computers I've been crunching on without interruption for the last few months has somehow disappeared from my BoincSTATS combined hosts list. Its "Owner" is "N/a" instead of me --Geethebluesky.
I made no changes to my CPID or my overall account, haven't touched anything on the computer in question, it just went *poof* gone for some reason a few weeks back.

The Boinc client has always been running and reporting tasks as usual on all of the projects I'm running on that PC. I haven't changed anything configuration-wise.
It's crunching in the same physical location all others are (same IP).
All computers are on my single account, and there's overlap between which projects they run.
All project logins have the same username and password as expected.
Editing to add, All projects have data exports enabled.

I'm currently running Einstein, Asteroids and Milkyway on the computer that disappeared.
On the ones that are still visible I'm currently running Einstein, Asteroids, Milkyway, Universe and WCG.

On the disappeared host, I can still see it in all 3 projects' individual listings (when I go to "Your Account" on each individual project, I see it active with the expected RAC.)

I have my computers hidden, but I always have; all of them are hidden in fact and I'm confused as to why it's only showing 3 out of 4 hosts all of a sudden.
The link to the disappeared computer is:

On projects:

Other devices on my account that show up correctly are:

What can I do to restore myself as Owner on this computer please??

Thanks in advance!
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2023-01-21 07:30:08

First thing I'd try is manually syncing the lost machine with Boincstats.
It may happen that the Boinc Manager stops doing so, and after a manual sync it should be fine again.
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Greetings, Jens
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2023-01-21 18:51:13

How would I go about doing that? I use Boinc Manager alone without BAM if that makes a difference.

Not sure how to sync except by requesting a project update, is that what you mean?
If so, I've done that plenty of times with no change.

I also tried changing my host name as someone else suggested on another forum, no change there either.
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